How to Prevent Clogs

On a regular basis clean out strainers and stoppers in your bathtub or sink

Pour grease into a can and toss it in the trash versus pouring it down the drain.

Don’t dump chemicals such as paint thinner or materials like hot wax down the drain.

Keep kitchen plumbing clog free by not putting food particles with stringy or fibrous consistency such as celery, banana peels, and potato skins down the drain.

Common Causes

Clogs are caused by build-up in the lateral section of the pipe or in the trap. This drain clogging material (hair, soap, grease and toothpaste) attached to the inside walls of the pipe until the drain is completely clogged. Use a drain opener to remove all of the drain clogging material so your drain will function properly.

Best Ways to Treat

The longer you leave the drain opener in the drain, the more it will dissolve.

For the first application use 2-4 cups, if this does not clear the clog use more product.

If possible leave product in drain overnight, and flush with hot water in the morning.

To clear sewer line clogs, add Main Line Cleaner to the closest point between the house and sewer line.


For garbage disposals add 2 tablespoons of Septic System Treatment weekly, to remove odors and keep the drain functioning properly.