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I don’t know how I can thank you. Three times now I have had a clog and it always seems to be a weekend or a holiday when calling a plumber would cost a fortune. But with no fail every time, your product (main line cleaner) has always come thru for me and has saved me a ton of money!!! Like I said, can’t thank you enough!!
-Amy C.

Often, I’ve observed that dissatisfaction with a service or product is immediately acted upon via verbal/written complaints to management or by return of item for money back. However, usage of above-referenced product (crystal lye drain opener) has proven to be above average in alleviating the clogged condition, and, I am compelled to voice my overall satisfaction-availability of such a fast acting product at a reasonable cost!!

I am aware that many other independent-living senior citizens experience simple to moderate clogged drains, and, not knowing what else to do, they will usually dial-up a plumber from the yellow pages and end up paying high service-call fees and other unnecessary costs.

Being a part of varied awareness sources, I will get the word out about this new found product that can also be applied occasionally to prevent a sluggish buildup in the drain system.

Patricia Buford from Rome, Georgia

I bought a bottle at Walmart. Poured it down the drain on my lunch hour. Came home after work and the drain was running great! This stuff really works.

-Mitch K.

Dear Sir, I do not often send an e-mail to a company in regard to their product whether it is good or bad but I just had to tell you that this week I have tried 3 different products to open a drain in my sink and yours is the only one that worked. I tried Draino, Liquid Plumr and yours. Yours worked!!!! I have a small private show dog kennel and some times have problems with hair buildup in the kennel drain. Your product will be on my shelf in the future.

-Paula R., Who Dat Kennels

This is the best product I have ever used for a clogged drain. The results were instantaneous. I did, however, leave it overnight and poured hot water down the drain as instructed the next morning. Just am unbelievably terrific product.

-Linda M from Meadville, PA

After Roto Rooter asked for $699 to open my main line I went online. I found your product and bought two one gallon bottles. I dumped them down the main drain and waited about 20 hours, flushed it out and the drain was cleared. Thank you. ( cost less than $23.00)

I did see some reviews that indicated that it did not work and were refunded their purchase price.

What would be some reasons that the clog remains? I suspect that it is not because they did not follow directions as there really were no directions other than dumping it down the drain.
-Thomas Ragusa

I bought a Jug of “Instant Power Slow Drain” and used it on a very slow draining bathroom sink. I’d tried several products over time for this problem and none worked. With your Guarantee I tried your product per instructions and WOW ! It worked as advertised. I’ve been a “Happy Camper ever since !

Thank you Instant Power Corp !
Peter D. from Mt. Holly, Ohio

Hi, I’m letting you know I’m a very happy customer. I have very long hair that really clogs up my sink and tub. I bought your product (hair clog remover) based on the guarantee advertised on the bottle. I let it work overnight and it worked amazingly. I will always make sure I have your product on hand for when a clog occurs again. Thank you!

-From Chris Bishop

I rarely take time to express appreciation for a product that does what it is advertised to do, but I am making an exception today.

I purchased your Instant Power Hair and Grease Drain Cleaner to unclog a shower drain that had been resisting all other attempts to remedy. I had tried a double shot of Liquid Plumber Heavy Duty to no success, the drain would have standing water after attempting to flush out the clog. No amount of plunging, or even using a snake would free up the drain. The cable came out covered with black grease, built up from what I do not know.

I tried your product after being urged by a friend, and after reading other people’s reviews on your website. I usually do not believe all those reviews as I know that many companies paid to have someone write them. But they were convincing enough to try your product. I used have the bottle as directed, let it sit for about 6 hours and poured a tea kettle of hot water down the drain, ( having done this frequently with Liquid Plumber to no avail).

When the water started to fill up the drain into the shower stall, I was worried that your product did not work, then suddenly, the water just drained like I had flushed a toilet. I continued to run hot tap water and it is was draining like a new pipeline.

I used the other half of the bottle on a bathroom sink that was slow draining, and it too cleared out the partial clog. Thank you for saving me from having to pay some rooter company, who knows how much, to do something that your great product took care of with ease.

-Bill P. from Covina, CA

Hi I just wanted to give a brief testimonial about your product, Hair and Grease. I woke up to find no water in my home this past Friday, 2/20/2015 due to a deep freeze we’re having on the East Coast.

I immediately thought it was frozen pipes so I said “oh boy” I’m gonna be paying alot money to fix this problem. So I then looked online for drain openers and after looking at a few products, I came across a bottle of Instant Power Hair & Grease and after reading it, I went to the local Home Depot and purchased it.

I then brought it home and poured it in the tub and bathroom sink and after waiting 15 minutes, i was amazed to see water flowing throughout my home! This product works fantastic! it is one of the best products I ever brought and it saved me hundreds of dollars! Thanks Again!
-Ivan from Galloway, NJ

I just wanted to thank you for your product. My household has had a clog that was just past the junction where the laundry/utility sink feeds into the pipe that comes down from the Kitchen sink. This has caused the utility sink to back up whenever we did dishes or laundry.

We’ve tried Liquid Plumber and Draino crystals. I tried to snake it with a handheld snake, but because it was past a T-bend the snake would not turn the corner. We own a few cats and dogs and wash blankets, beds and rugs. I suspect a combination of clay dust from litter, pet hair, grease from the kitchen sink, and other things made quite a clog that we just couldn’t seem to get to break up. The water would eventually drain, but ever so slowly.

We have been holding back on doing laundry for quite some days now because of the clog. Tonight my mother went out in a snow storm and came back with your Hair & Grease clog break-up liquid.
It finally worked. There was no standing water when we used it. After we used it we ran a load of laundry and the water just flowed down like a whirlpool. I was so surprised I had to call my mother down to the basement to watch the water go down.

I was so happy with the effectiveness of your product I had to write to say thank you. Next time we have a clog I’m going to save money and remember to get your product straight away.
-Melanie F from Baltimore MD

I have never done this before but your heavy duty drain opener worked so well that i wanted to thank you. Your product advertised that it would work no matter what and it did. My bathroom sink was so clogged it would barely drain anymore , it now works better than new thanks so much i will be using your company’s products from now on.

-From Joshua C.

Just wanted to let you know how well your disposer and drain cleaner worked. We purchased this house about a year ago. It was built in 1950 and still had original piping.

We had new kitchen installed with a disposal. I thought since I had been using the desposal for a year I should clean it. Well your product not only cleaned the desposal it cleaned that old piping so well I had to replace them. OMG the sludge that was in those lines was awful, the foul smell and a big pan of crap literally stopped up the piping. I’m glad we used your product becaused it adverted a much bigger problem. I will use your product monthly now so this doesn’t happen again.

It definitely does the job!

-Pat P. from Baltimore, Md

I just wanted to let you guys know that your product is awesome! I had tried everything, and nothing seemed to be able to make the drain in my shower actually drain. I was initially hesitant about purchasing your product since I had no previous experience with it nor had I heard anyone mention it. I also am an avid couponer, so I hated that I had to pay retail price on something I was unsure about.

After using the hair clog remover product, my drain is back to perfect! Your products will definitely be on my radar from now on and will be my first choice if I ever need it again! I will be spreading the word to those around me as well!

Thank you so much!

-Amber D from Stantonsburg, NC

This is a thank you for such a great product. I had a fully clogged drain and tried many things to fix it. Drano, plunger, hot water, drain auger, acid, etc. And nothing worked. I purchased your heavy duty drain cleaner and after two applications and letting it sit for about an hour, the drain was clear.

Thanks for such a great product and saving me hundreds on a plumber coming. Will definitely recommend this to all I know.

-From M. Bass

I live in a house that was built in 1927. I have lived here for a year. Six months in, my main drain line plugged. So, I did the natural thing and called a service in to run a motorized drain auger to clean it out. It worked but cost around $400. But, the line was cleared and functioned properly.

Six months later, the same thing happened. I did a load of laundry and realized as the wash water emptied that the main line was blocked again.

I went online to see if there were any other options as I really didn’t want to spend another $400.
Lo and behold, I saw your main line cleaner mentioned on a couple different big box store websites. I noticed that the reviews were mainly very positive. For $11 and a full money back guarantee I figured I couldn’t lose.

I poured the entire gallon down the cleanout and let it sit in the drain overnight for 8 hours. I awoke to see no improvement. Taking a chance, I started running the hot water from the nearest faucet. After about five minutes, I heard a gurgling sound coming from the basement. Sure enough, the water in the basement was quickly going down the floor drain!! It worked!!!

I couldn’t be happier with the performance of this product and will highly recommend it to people that are in this situation.

-Joe B., Rochester, NY

I purchased the Hair and Grease drain cleaner this past weekend. After spending a ton of money on drano and liquid plumber over the past year with absolutely no success, I thought this would just be another waste of money.

However, to my surprise this product actually worked!!!!!! I wish that I had found this product earlier before I spent all that money on products that did not work. Thank you so much for clearing my bath tub and sink drain. I will most defiantly recommend this product to anyone and purchase it again.

-Roby R from Fairview Park, OH

Several years ago, I purchased a bottle of your Instant Power Hair Clog Remover. I bought it just in case I would ever need it and because, the way the bottle looked, it seemed that it was a good product (LOL). My kitchen sink has been slow for quite some time, and this morning it was totally clogged and we could do anything to get it to unclog.

My husband said, “We will have to call the plumber.” I told him to wait for me to find what I had in the house. I thought it might not work because it was so old. I had not read the instructions properly and I poured it down the drain with water yet in it. A few seconds later, I saw that I was suppose to get rid of the water. It didn’t matter that I had left the water in it, because within a couple of minutes my problem was solved.

This is absolutely the best plumbing product I have ever witnessed, and I’ve been around a while. Please don’t change the formula. Usually, when I find a good product, they change the formula and mess it up!

-Vetrea, R from Harvest, Alabama

It took four gallons(of main line cleaner) and three applications, but we got it!!!! We have been fighting it for six days, over Thanksgiving, I am little, so I am the sewer rat, it is 23 degrees outside, and I was beyond discouraged!

One more trip to Home Depot, 2 more gallons, applied all at once, 8 hours later, LOTS of hot water, it backed up and backed up, and then it cut loose!

Yeaaaa! I’m 74 years old and it isn’t that much fun anymore. So, thank you!!!
-Jigger D. from Neilton, WA

I have had a drain problem in our bathtub for almost 2 months. I tried Drano, plumber liquid and many other products until I saw Hair Clog Remover. I thought to myself why not try it , it can’t hurt. Well I did and I will tell you it is the best clog remover.

You saved me from calling a plumber. I just wanted to say Thank You

-Laura M. from Pacoima, CA

I’m compelled to share a little positive feedback with you. For background, a couple of years ago I used your “Main Line Cleaner”
product on my badly stuck main sewer line. Three applications, carefully per instructions, failed to open it, and I was forced to give in and call a plumber. As it turned out, it was a pretty heavy root encroachment requiring a heavy duty industrial snake to drill it out.

Disappointed, I took advantage of your guarantee, sent you the receipts for the three gallons of product, and you graciously and quickly sent me a full refund of my purchase price. If I wasn’t happy with the product, I was certainly more than impressed with your support for it, and your promptness in honoring my claim.

With that in mind, last week I had a total blockage in the side line from my laundry room. I tried a few doses of crystal Drano, my cheap homeowners’ snake and a lot of elbow grease, and absolutely couldn’t budge it. I was down to calling a plumber, an action I dreaded. Based on your level of support for your product the previous time, I decided to try your Main Line Cleaner once again, feeling assured that I had nothing to lose. I let it sit for a day, hit it with hot water, and it broke free and drained! I just finished testing it with a load of laundry, and it seems perfectly healthy now. This time, it *did* do its job, did it well, and it save me a costly visit from a plumber. I’m
*very* pleased, and I just thought I should let you know.
-John Eads.

I was skeptical when I bought this product, but I thought with the 100% money back guarantee it either had to work or I would get my money back. I had bought 2 bottles of Drano max gel and 1 bottle of Liquid Plumber and neither could remove the clog I had.

I poured the entire bottle of hair and grease down my drain, I had no idea what type of clog I had, but it must have been bad if the other products did not work. Well the next morning when we took our showers, I was amazed no water filling up the tub. IT WORKED!

This is now the ONLY product I will ever use again and recommend to all my friends. Thank you
-Marisa E. from Greensburg, PA

I just purchased a house that unknown to me was literally constipated, having a solid 6 feet of waste blockage in the sewage drain. After searching around for a tool that I could rent, I came across your website and your main line cleaner.

After following your directions, and waiting the 8 hours for it to do it’s job, I poured boiling water into the drain. I was shocked to see how fast the drain emptied. I opened up the clean out plug and the pipe was cleared. I would defiantly recommend this product.

P.S. I have a mixture of cast iron and cpvc pipe and neither of them were affected.
-Joseph J. from West Warwick, RI

Just wanted to let you know that I recently purchased your product at Walmart because we had a major hair clog in our shower. I purchased it because it was the only product for sale that was specific for hair clogs and also because of the guarantee.

To be honest, I really didn’t think it would work because the hair clog was pretty bad. I figured I had nothing to lose because of the money-back guarantee but thought I would end up calling a plumber. Well, I have to say….I WAS AMAZED!!!
It took two different applications to get the drain cleared but it worked! I can’t recall a time in my life when I’ve been more impressed by a product!! I will definitely recommend your product to my family and friends.

-Debi C. from Kennewick, WA

It was FABULOUS……you were my last hope before calling the plumber. We bought our home in August and had suffered with slow draining in the master bath.

I tried other products with no success and decided to try one last store product before spending the big bucks to get it fixed. I followed the instructions and left the hair clog remover product in over night and the next morning to my amazement the drain was totally unclogged. We are believers!

-Beverly J from Peoria, AZ

OMG!!! it worked, it worked EXACTLY as you said it would.. I was extremely skeptical , even reading all the reviews… I bought 2 bottles of main line cleaner at Home Depot AFTER, snaking the line, taking kitchen sink apart, and trying to clean air vent on roof.. add a bottle of drano somewhere in there and NOTHING!!

1 bottle of your product , 8 hours, and 2 pots of boiling water and we are on the fast track again… thank you so much, I am going to keep the other bottle on hand.. I am going to recommend your product to EVERYONE I know. from a single mother on a tight budget, THANK YOU!!!

-Jennifer Kettler from PA

I have been telling myself to do this for several weeks and just put it off. I’m writing to tell you how GREAT you Hair Clog remover works.

I tired using Drain o several time’s in my tub and while it drained a little better for a while never did drain great. Well we were at Walmart to get another bottle of drain o my wife & I saw your product with the guaranteed on bottle so we both said why not if it don’t work it’s free. Well after using it ONCE I can understand why you guarantee it. It cleared up the clog completely and have not even had to use it again and that has been several weeks ago while if it had been drain o would have been doing it again. Thanks for a great product we have told many people about it.

-Sincerely George Anderson

I just wanted to let you know that I am really happy with your product. We have lived in this house for 18yrs and have always had a problem with the way the tub drained in the bathroom. We have tried all sorts of products and we have snaked the drain we changed the pipes in the drain and the slope and on and on.

We used your heavy duty drain cleaner and let it sit for one hour, nothing, the water just sat there. I left it figuring we would have to take the pipes apart again, a few hours later I went into the bathroom and noticed the tub was empty and dry, so I ran water and it went down the drain, I left it run for several minutes and it never once pooled in the tub. The best part about your product is that it is not a one time product, there is enough of the product for four uses. Thank you so much for having such a great product that really works.

-Margaret R. from Neosho, MO

“I am very impressed with your product (hair clog remover)! We had a very bad clog in our bath tub.Twice we tried Drano and used the whole bottle with no results!I let your product sit over night and got amazing results! NO MORE CLOG! I also used it in our sink and worked great too!Your guarantee is great but I wont be using it.Thanks again for a great product! Will be using it again. ”

-Kevin H. From Southgate, MI

Dear Instant Power Corp,
Wanted to tell you I don’t need a refund nor do I have any complaints. I had a grease clog at least past 15 feet down my drain. I know this because that’s as long as my drain auger is and I still couldn’t get it unclogged. I know it was grease because the tip of the auger had grease in it when I pulled it out. Your product (instant power hair and grease remover) worked like a charm! Be sure to know that I’d use it again and I’ll make it a point to tell everyone I know. Tell your marketing and advertising department they can take the next few weeks off, Dougs out plugging (no pun intented) your product.
Thanks Again,

-Doug Langeberg

This product (Toilet Bowl Restorer) is the best I have ever used. Where can I get it locally. I bought it originally from a catalog.

-Hilda L. from Wynnewood, Pa

WOW!!!!!!!! YOUR PRODUCT, INSTANT POWER HAIR CLOG REMOVER REALLY WORKS!!!! I let it sit in the drain over night and WOW, no clogged drain! I have tried other products and nothing seemed to work. It is nice to see good products on the market that do what they claim to do. Thanks for such a good product.

-Beverly from Sun City West, AZ

I can’t believe it! I have been fighting rust stains in my bathrooms for 12 years! We even removed the toilets and put in new ones because the stains were so bad, and we had tried everything. Now my NEW toilets are horrible! Your product (toilet bowl restorer) cleaned them in two treatments! Thank You, Thank You!!

-Bobbie Pierce

I am writing to let you know what a marvelous product this is. I have been using it for a couple of years now and it is super. The first time I used it I was standing ankle deep in water but after pour some into the drain it was cleared out in just a few minutes. Good job

-Mary D from Solon, Ohio

I would like to congratulate you on the great product that I have just discovered. I’m not sure if I have just overlooked your product or if “my store” has just started carrying the Hair Clog product but I will use nothing but yours from now on.

My daughter has a minature Austrailian Shepperd that is being trained as a farm dog. Needless to say, Izzy needs to be bathed often and usually in my tub. I have used many of your competitors to try to unclog the drain, nothing! But the first time I used your product…wow! The clog was gone.
Again, thank you for a product that actually does as it promises.

-Patti E. from Munfordville, Ky

Just wanted to drop a message and say thank you for the great product. I have been fighting my bathtub drain for a while now with different drano, trying to push water thru it on both ends, etc. I bought your hair clog remover at Walmart that said Guaranteed or my money back. Just want to say thanks, my tub is draining good now.

-Mark P. from Louisiana

Just thought I would comment that I am 100% satisfied with your product (heavy duty drain opener) and want to thank you for saving me the cost of having a plumber clear a stubborn clog from the washing machine drain. It only took one application.

-Donald E.

… to “Hair & Grease,” to wit, Fixodent Denture Adhesive. I have had periodic clogs in my bathroom sink where I clean my dentures of old adhesive nightly. I’ve tried boiling water, baking soda and hot vinegar with indifferent success. One four-hour soak with “Instant Power Hair & Grease” and it runs like new! It was recommended by a floor clerk at Orchard Supply in Sand City, CA.

-Craig C.

This product worked absolutely fantastic! No more slow tub drain gave you guys 5 stars with homedpot and good review.

-Abel D. from Newark

I just wanted you to know how satisfied I was with your product. I’ve tried so many other cleaners and none of them have gotten rid of the harsh iron stains in my toilet bowl. I’d given up hope until I saw your product in Menards and decided to give it a try. I’m sure glad I did. It removed all the stains! Thank you.

-Sherry B. from Alma, Michigan

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for a great product! I had a clog way down in the basement from my kitchen sink. I tried a heavy snake but it only seemed to pack the clog tighter. I thought I’d have to dis-assemble the pipes to get at it, then I seen your product (heavy duty drain opener) at Wal-Mart. I figured for only about 4 bucks I might as well give it a try.

I put about half a bottle in and let it sit for about 24 hours. After 24 hours I filled the sink with hot water….still clogged I thought…then “whoosh” the water drained like crazy!! I couldn’t believe it, a product that actually works! Saved me a ton of trouble and mess, glad I found your great product. Thanks again : )

-R.S. Buchholz from Wilton, WI

I have had problems with slow draining sinks as has everyone. Repeated use of various drain cleaners which at best are NO Good. After a couple of bottles it mightl eventuallly drain. However, I found your product at Wal Mart.” Instant heavy duty drain opener“. Came home and used one application and to my amazement the drain opened and flowed freely. Beautiful!!!!!

Three thumbs up for your product. have made a believer/customer out of me.

-Ray M. from Texas

I wanted to e-mail you directly and extend my compliments to you and your company for your professionalism and customer dedication. I recently purchased 2 gallons of your Main Line Cleaner to assist with a sewer backup issue I was having in my home. I saw the “Money Back Guarantee” tag on the bottle but to be honest held out little hope that should your product not work that it would be worth pursuing. After using the product as instructed and doing an additional second treatment my main remained clogged and it took a second visit by a plumber to do the trick. In no way however did I feel your product was inferior. I did however send off my receipts to avail of your guarantee, assuming it may be a futile gesture. Yesterday, your refund check showed up in my mail. I was surprised as this sort of customer dedication and willingness to stand behind a promise seems to be a lost art in many corporations, but clearly not at Instant Power Corporation.

I also wanted to let you know there are now 2 new bottles of your product in my basement and I will use them at 3 month intervals to keep my main line clean going forward. Additionally, over the weekend, I recommended your product line to a friend who was having similar issues with his drains and in his case your product worked as advertised saving him a large bill from a plumber.

Again, my compliments on your service and willingness to stand behind your products. You have made a long term customer out of me and I will not hesitate to recommend your products to friends and family. Continued success in the future.
Patrick C. from Baltimore, MD

I am writing to THANK YOU for creating a product that WORKS! I cannot begin to tell you the amount of money I have wasted on other brands. Keep up the great work!

A very satisfied first time user and now customer.

-Rose K.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Hair Clog Remover is a wonderful product. I have had a stopped up bathroom sink for about 6 weeks.

I tried two of the nationally known brands that are advertised on TV and neither worked. I tried to snake the drain and plunge it and nothing worked.

I finally had to put a small basin under the facet in case I forgot and turned on the faucet. I am self supporting and out of work so I could not afford a plumber. I have long hair and I am very careful of not letting hair go down the shower drain but somehow the bathroom sink got clogged up.

Last night I was in Wal-Mart in Milford, CT and I was looking at the drain opener products, not they I intended to waste anymore money. I saw a red bottle that said Hair Clog Remover and it had a guarantee so I thought I would try it. I put it in the drain and left it for 3 1/2 hours even though the directions said that overnight was best. I then ran the hot water for about 5 minutes. I was so surprised that it worked. This was the first time I have seen your product in any store. I am so happy to have my bathroom sink back. This is an excellent product.

Kind Regards,

-Sally Anne H.

I would like to post a testimonial regarding the Main Line Cleaner. Where would I do that at so EVERYBODY can see it??? I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!

Had a nightmare that I truly thought was going to run me hundreds of dollars (actually did cost me $100 when I made the mistake of calling my home warranty company and they sent a shyster plumber that did absolutely nothing!!).

Bought the Main Line Cleaner because it offered 100% money back guarantee. I followed the directions (had to use 3 gallons in my kitchen drain, the bathroom sink and the tub/toilet). After letting it sit for 10 hours, I did what some of the other reviews said to do and actually boiled water to run down the drains. I also had to put some major plunging to the tub and toilet but after about 8 big pots of boiling water and plunging, it started to run slowly at first, then there it went!!

Toilet now flushes without hearing it gurgling in the sink or backing up in the tub. I can run water in the kitchen without filling the tub and can take a shower without taking a dirty bath at the same time!! I am still running boiling water down the drains for a little while longer just to make sure it is clear but I can actually go home with a smile on my face instead of going home worrying about what this is going to cost me. I really think maybe a little critter may have somehow crawled in the line when it got so cold here to stay warm cause it all the sudden happened right after the first freeze but whatever was stopping the water from flowing seems to be a distant memory!! THANK YOU INSTANT POWER!!
Nancy B.

I just wanted to let you know, this stuff (Heavy Duty Drain Opener) really works. I was very skeptical, as other products did not. So, when I saw your 100% guaranty, I bought it, tried and it worked just as said. Thank you so very much!

-Bonnie B. from Orange Park, FL

I went to Home Depot and looked at what was available and since our clogged shower drain seemed to be the “worst case ever” for us, we selected your “Main Line” product…

Didn’t really want to use chemicals at all, but felt we had no choice…other than to call a plumber, which I definitely did not want to do…

We did not have “slow drainage” – there was complete stop – no drainage at all…so I manually emptied out from the shower floor and then “sucked up” from pipe as far as I could…and then I poured in the liquid…could not empty all in one go, but was surprised to see how level sank and allowed for more until container had been used up…

Let it sit overnight…

Morning after I boiled water and poured in – two large pots…did not back up…!

Then I took hose and forced water down drainage – not a hint of resistance or backup…Problem solved!

Now I don’t have to call little brother the plumber except to tell him this product works!!!!!!!!

About every year or two we would have a backup in our main line and had tried various chemical treatments, but none of them had worked. My brother is a plumber and would have to snake the almost 100 ft. main line which usually took 2 hours each time to free the blockage. He suspected there was a belly in the line somewhere that would accumulate grease, debris, toilet paper, and other things that would normally break down quickly.

My wife read about this product (main line cleaner) and I bought 2 gallons to try. I poured both gallons in at night and in the morning poured about 4 gallons of boiling water followed by hot water. After a couple minutes it backed up again. I waited 10 more minutes and checked, to my amazement the water had receded. Followed by 10 minutes of hot water and the line is clear.

Now I don’t have to call little brother the plumber except to tell him this product works!!!!!!!!
Mark B.

I purchased the toilet tank cleaner through QCI online and it is, by far, the most incredible cleaner ever. I was truly amazed how this product cleaned the tank to sparkling clean.

What a Great Product. Thank You.

-Jackie T. from Camano Island, WA

I just want to say thank you so very much for your product. I had a main line clog in my house for about 4 days and nothing was working, I came across your product my accident when i was looking up ways to try and fix the problem my self before calling a plumber ,and decided what the heck what do I have to lose.

I purchased your product for only 10.00 at Wal-Mart, poured it down the drain waited 8 hours and flushed it with boiling hot water, and to my SURPRISE I could run the water again. So I just want to say THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH. I will be telling everyone about this product. and if I ever come across this problem again its your product I will try first.

Jamie H. from Fulton, NY

I have a shower that without fail stopped draining around once a month, I tried snakes, water hose with a power tip to try and blast it open, NOPE. The first time I used the heavy duty drain opener I poured about 1/2 of the bottle (instructions say 1/4 will work, no it says guaranteed to work! I believe it !!!) I left it in all night & in the morning turned on the hot water & to my lo & behold it drained instantly.

This is a excellent product !!!

-Rusell P. from Pasadena, TX

“I live in a 48 year old house in the Maryland suburbs with pipes that are not what they used to be. My bathroom pipes have been giving me trouble for ages but I’ve been able to keep the tub and toilet clear and working smoothly with occasional bleach pourings. The bathroom sink began to clog up about 6 months ago, even though I shave in the shower, and it kept getting worse.

I tried Drano and Liquid Plummer with little success so I decided to get a friend with a snake to clear out the pipe. He went out of town for Spring Break so it was time try a gallon of Main Line Cleaner as a last resort. There is a money back guarantee so I figured I had nothing to lose. I followed the instructions religiously and holy cow–it worked beautifully. I did use boiling water from a kettle instead of just hot water to finish the job because other customers reported better results with boiling water. ”

P.S. Please give your chemists a fat raise. They earned it!
Leo H.

“From a woman with thick hair that ‘sheds’ frequently – thank you for an easy-to-use, effective product. I didn’t know my drains could run so fast! Will recommend to friends and family.

-Kristen W. from Sartell, MN

“I have purchased “MANY” clogs products. This has been the very best product that works so quickly and the best ever. Left it over night as indicated on the bottle and wow the first thing in the morning cleared it up. Never in the past have experience any product that works. I have also recommended to family and friends not to purchase any other. Just wanted to share my experience! “Instant Power”

-Susie O. from Chula Vista, CA

“Wow….Not responding for a money back guarantee but I’m writing to let your company know that yes and deed this product works!!! Instantly! Once I poured the drain opener (Hair Clog Remover) in the kitchen sink, in seconds the water went down and has not clogged up yet. Thanks for a great job.

-L. Watkins- Scotch Plains, NJ

“No refund needed here! I tried your Hair Clog Remover and it worked like a charm. I had tried Drano 3 times without success. Your product I used just once and the tub is draining

-G. Kramp- Fairview Park, OH

I’m a grump. I write companies a lot to let ’em know I think their products are pretty junky. I justify this by praising folks who put out stuff that is good, that does or tastes like it should. Your “Instant Power guaranteed Hair & Grease Drain Opener” did the trick & opened my clogged bathroom sink drain like greased lightning!

-A. Norton- Menlo Park, CA

“My husband and I would like to say Thank You very much for this product. For many years it seems, we have had a very slow drain in the bath tub..so slow that sometimes it would not drain from just using the shower for several hrs. We have tried EVERYTHING under the sun, short of ripping out every pipe from the shower.

We came across your product with a sticker that said “Guaranteed to work or its free”. This of course caught our attention and after reading it and comparing to a few other things, we bought yours.

We had to treat the clog 2 or 3 times just to be safe, then followed the instructions and by the 3rd treatment the drain actually works normally!

I was so happy that we came across this product that I am more than willing to continue buying your products in the future and I will definitely share my experience to others who might be looking for something to try.

-Karen D. from Baltimore, MD

“I do not want my money back, but just
wanted to write and request you please forward
this to whomever you think would appreciate my

I purchased your Instant Power Hair Clog Remover
this morning at Wal-Mart…..scanning over all the
drain cleaners, which in my mind, are all about the
same, meaning they don’t really work.

Anyway, the tag on your product caught my eye:

I have to tell you that this is absolutely the best
product I have used in shower drains….the best,
hands down!
Follow the directions, 1 and 1/2 hours later, free
flowing drains. I love this stuff! Thank you for the bright yellow tag on your product.
I may not have tried it, without that.

-Sandy R. from Phoenix, AZ

“Congratulations and hooray!!! I’m not asking for my money ($7.00) back. When I bought a bottle of Instant Power Hair Clog the other day, I thought for sure I’d be getting my money back! Didn’t happen!

Nice surprise, after two easy applications, it actually worked!

As a former ad executive and info-mercial producer, this stuff belongs on TV. Demonstrations work! and Instant Power Hair Clog is a natural.”

-Donny R. from Abington, PA

“Your product works after failure by mechanical effort. Hours of snaking with two different snakes; draining and refilling the whole system from the sink to the main sewer with hot water, baking soda, vinegar, all kinds of soap to cut grease or whatever was causing the problem; then a shop-vac from all openings using it to suck out the water as as to pressure to lines to dislodge anything; then cutting into pipes to allow for different areas to access with snake and the like, all for naught.

After all effort that in desperation i poured in a bottle of main line cleaner and waited a few hours….and voila, a well working drain….Thank you for a great drain cleaner! ”
Judy B.

I saw the guarantee ticket on your product & have tried Draino repeatedly with no results. I figured what the heck. I can try. I pretty much assumed I would be requesting a refund.

I am sure you get a lot of complaints (well, hopefully not too many!) and probably few compliments. I thought I’d take a moment to send an email saying your product worked! I had purchased my house several years ago & the previous owners had 2 teenage girls. The shower in the 3rd bathroom was also slow. I tried a plunger. I tried taking the drain apart. I tried Draino (and other various products). Nothing really helped. It would drain, just slow. I don’t like showering in a puddle.

Your product (I did let it set overnight as suggested) cleaned it out. In fact, I think I wasted an awful lot of water just waiting for it to back up again! Hah.

Thank you for a good product.
It was worth the money.

-Mary F. from Idaho

Instant Power Toilet Bowl Restorer is an outstanding product. We live in an area with very hard water, and do not have a water softner in our home. The hard water and lime deposits in our toilet bowls is next to impossible to get rid of and builds up quickly, especially in the flow holes under the rim restricting water flow. Instant Power was the last thing I was going to try before getting quotes for replacement of two toilets. I was amazed at how good this product really was. Simply apply per the instructions, let stand for 15 min., and both toilets look and function as if they were newly installed. Amazing! I wish I had found this sooner. What I have found, is that the hard water deposits do not return nearly as fast as before I used this product. Highly reccomended!

-Mike from San Antonio

“I purchased your product, “Main Line Cleaner” on February 04, 2013 as a last resort to a stubborn plumbing problem after everything several alternative efforts failed to undo the clog. I decided to try a cleaner before I took the next step of having to snake out the line which called for a lot of additional work to gain access.

I applied the product as directed on the label and flushed it about 9 hours later. I am pleased to say that the lines have never been cleaner and the sinks drain in record time. This product lives up to it’s claims and I would highly recommend it to anyone to try before resorting to the mechanical means of clearing a line. Looking over a large selection of drain cleaning products, I am very pleased at my selection and it ease of use. Keep up the good work.”

L. Smith from Mesa, AZ

“Instant Power’s Hair Clogger Remover was completely successful in removing a significant clog in our bathroom sink drain. I had used one of your competitior’s product the day before. It did not work at all. So, I used Instant Power’s clog and waited overnight before flushing the drain with hot water. The drain was running better, but still slowly. So, I used Instant Power again, and waited a day before flushing the drain with hot water again. It completely cleared the clog. Thanks for a great product! It saved us the cost of a plumber’s call.”

-Shirley G.

Best Drain Cleaner (Hair and Grease) I have ever used- no wonder you guarantee it! I have used this product many times – always works. I buy it at Home Depot. Better than Draino or any other drain products!

-Ronald M. From Cincinnati, OH.

I just want to thank you for such a great product ;the day after Christmas my tub and toilets were backing up, all of my sinks and toilet on the first floor would back up in the bathroom and laundry room in the basement. I mean everything was coming back up in the tub and from the drain in laundry room. I really did’nt know what to do, right after Christmas and I just could not afford a plumber at this time est. $175-$350.00.

I searched the web and found your product(Main Line Cleaner), after reading several of the reviews I decided to try this, All I can say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

I searched online and read about Instant Power Main Line Cleaner. I got directions to a Wal-Mart and bought all 3 bottles on the shelf. I poured one bottle into the upstairs shower drain and one bottle into the kitchen sink. These are 1-gallon bottles, so the liquid gets past the trap. My clog isn’t in the trap, it’s almost 4 feet farther than that.

After following the directions; pouring solution in the basement tub and waiting 8 hours, I boiled 2 stockpots of water and poured in tub and then ran hot water. At first the water did not move, so my daughter decided to plunge the toilet and wow we heard the big gurgle and all the water went down in the tub and in the laundry room. I will be using your products to maintain my drains from now on. I immediately called my family and friends raving about your Main Line Cleaner.

Your product is truly a blessing, this could put plumbers out of business of clogged drains. Again thank you and Happy Holidays.

-Michelle from Bolingbrook, IL

“I just wanted to thank you for such an amazing product! I bought your hair clog remover after months of a clogged bathtub and after several other attempts at drain cleaners. I bought the bottle on a whim seeing the 100% guarantee I figured I didn’t have anything to lose. I got home and immediately put some down my drain, waited a few hours, plunged lightly and BAM! no more clog. It’s amazing! Nothing else worked and I was about to call a plumber. And it’s been clog free for a couple weeks already and it’s so wonderful. I just wanted to tell you Thank you!! ”

-Taryn S.

“Several weeks ago, I had a major clog and backup in my upstairs bathroom sinks. There are 2 sinks connected with a common drain. After an hour of plunging, I decided to disconnect all of the traps, and try to snake the blockage out myself before calling one of those drain cleaning companies. I went to Home Depot to purchase a snake.

While there, I saw your product Hair and Grease remover, which was clearly marked on the bag “guaranteed to work”. I know from previous experience that most of these liquid drain openers do not work on clogs such as this, but I figured if this doesn’t, at least I get my money back, and would then be convinced that nothing except a machine could fix this problem.
After following all of the directions and safety precautions, I was astonished how fast the water flowed from both sinks at once down the drain. It was if I had new pipes installed. I immediately went back to the store to purchase another bottle, as I want to always have your product on hand.

It is one of the few products made today that really works, and with a money back guarantee, you cannot lose. Thank you for making such a wonderful product.”

-Ira D.

What an AWESOME product. I can’t tell you how many years I have been using Liquid Plumber and all their fancy 2 part cleaners and it was a waste of money. So I tried Heavy Duty. At first I thought, this is just like water. It will not work on my tub drain which was REALLY clogged – I was in ankle deep water for weeks. Anyway, 2 cups of Heavy Duty, waited overnight and the clog was GONE! I am so happy w/ Heavy Duty, I will never buy anything else!!! Thank you soo much – Sincerely

-Denise W. from Las Vegas, NV

“Hello. I am writing you to let you know how happy I am with a product of yours! I had a clogged bathroom sink and a semi-clogged bathroom tub that I had been working on for weeks. I tried draino, vinegar and baking soda, a water snake, wire….you name it! It didn’t work and I was dreading calling the plumber to fix the problem because we just can’t aford that at this time.

So, my mom let me borrow her bottle of Instant Power Hair Clog Remover. She said that she found it is the best thing that she ever used and fixed her tough clogs unlike anything else. It was worth a try. I put it in the drains and let them sit over night. In the morning the water ran right down them! Yipeee….thank you so much! I am going to purchase at least two (2 Liter) bottles of Instant Power Hair Clog Remover now…one to replace the one I borrowed from my mom and a couple for us to keep on hand just in case!

I am also suggesting this product to all of my friends. If you happen to have any coupons or money saving discounts on this product please send them my way! I am so happy that I found your product. Thank you.

-Jill from Little Falls, NY

“For over a year our tub has been clogged and drained painfully slow. we tried everything from drano to all natural (baking soda and vinegar). Nothing worked, we had gone to walmart to get the new drano to try yet again and I saw your product. All I could think was they were awfully confident that this would work.

I admit I was sceptical, mainly cause nothing else worked. I tried it and was very surprised when I went to drain water and it went through. I will never use another product other than yours to remove a clog again.

-Alisha G. from Kentucky

“My drain that handles the kitchen and laundry in the basement under the floor backs up about every 2 years and is sluggish most times. “My drain that handles the kitchen and laundry in the basement under the floor backs up about every 2 years and is sluggish most times.

5 days later the laundry and kitchen drain was backing up. I am a 48 year old single mom with 2 children still at home and I have no more money to spare. I bought your Main Line Cleaner just because of the money back guarantee and I was extremely skeptical. I used one gallon of cleaner at 10am this morning and at 8:45pm I tried hot water but no luck. I boiled a large soup pan of water to send down the drain and I also sent down 2 tea kettles full of boiling water. IT WORKED!! I really thought that it wouldn’t but it did and I did not have to get the plumber back and pay more money!!”
Connie S. from Ohio

“I used one bottle of your shock and within 48 hours or less, a 3 year old seapage problem we were having seemed to have been eraticated. I don’t know how, but I have to conclude we had clogged pipes in our leach field that were “unclogged” by your product.

I had tried everything known to me and a fellow consumer at Home Depot saw me going through that products offered and strongly suggested that I give Instant Power Corps Septic Shock a try…..as he walked away and did remark, “…and it smells good too.” He was right about the smell too.”
John S. from Sussex, NJ

“It is no wonder this product (hair clog remover) is guaranteed! Recently when I decided to use this product for the first time it was the only bottle left on the shelf at my local Walmart. This has to be due to the fact that each time another person tries this product the demand is increased! It worked completely. I was so impressed and amazed and I will never use another product to remove my drain clogs!”

Thanks, Kim O.

“I would just like to say thank you for a great product in main line cleaner. I was a hardware associate at Walmart in the hardware department and I had a drain problem at my home like everyone else I used the other products without getting any results I picked up a bottle at work and read it ,so I thought I will try it and see if it work needless to say I was impressed and my wife was happy.After using it I would recommend it to all my customers who came in with drain problems. Again Thank You”

Germaine J from Missouri


“It is very rare that a company will place such a “guarantee” on a product, and to be perfectly honest, that is exactly why I purchased it. “If this product did not work, I wasted only a little time, but would receive my money back!”

I was totally shocked by the complete delivery your product provided. I’ve snaked, used other products and established an acceptable low flow return… but Main Line Cleaner in a single application positively opened our clog and my drain is running like it was just installed!

I am very impressed and pleased with your marketing and especially your product efficacy. Great product. I have been an Environmental Inspector/Assessor since the mid-1980s and continuously run across clogs and slow drains. I will highly recommend your product to all my customers and clients. Again I want to say “Thank You” for a product that delivers as it is advertised!!”
Nick M.

Awesome! I have struggled with a slow drain in my bathroom sink for years…I have tried Draino & Liquid Plumber in their numerous formulas and although they sometimes relieve the slow drain issue, it’s never complete enough to allow what I would consider a free flow again. Yesterday I purchased your product at Wal-Mart and allowed it to process in my sink overnight, as I was once again experiencing a slow drain. This morning I was so absolutely impressed with the results! I can not even get the water to pool in my sink when the water is running full blast!! I am so very impressed! I will pass on my positive view of your product at every opportunity! Thanks so much for helping me with this small, but very annoying issue!

Andover, KS.

To Whom it May Concern;

I hardly ever find a product that lives up to its advertising. But this
product absolutely does ! I had a very slow bathtub drain and tried
everything I could think of, including the “leading liquid” drainer. Nothing
worked. In desperation I went to Home Depot to see what else I could
buy. A gentleman who works for that store told me to try your product.
I kept saying I had already tried liquids, but he just assured me I hadn’t
tried THE liquid. To be honest, I don’t even know as I type this how much
your product costs. I was just so frustrated I paid and immediately tried
it at home. Applied it before I went to bed, woke up the next morning,
took shower, and the neighbors probably heard my shouts of joy. IT

While I’m sure that’s no surprise to you all, I do have one criticism. Why
are you not advertising this product more ? I had never heard of it. This
should be in everyone’s home, like a smoke detector or fire extinguisher.
Everyone needs to know about this. In these tight economic times, people
can’t always afford a plumber. I give you full permission to use my name
in any testimonial to this product. I am going back to Home Depot and
telling the manager to give that sales person a raise, and I am going to tell
as many people where I work about this product. Considering I teach at a
College where 40,000 staff, students and faculty work, I will be doing my
part to get the word out. Now if I just had some commercials or print
advertising to point to……………..hint hint.

Thanks for a wonderful product,

Don Perry
LaPorte, Tx. 77571

I just wanted to write your company and tell you what a wonderful product you have. My bathroom tub had been running slow and finally clogged up. Water would not go down it at all. I thought about calling a plumber to snake the line, but that would be expensive and I could not afford that around the holidays.

I bought a very large bottle of a competitors “Max Strength” product, and a small bottle of your Hair and Grease product. I had standing water in the tub, so I used the competitors product first as it could be used with standing water. I poured in half the bottle, waited 30 minutes and nothing. I poured in the other half and the tub slowly started to go down, but took at least 6 hours for 1/4 of the tub to drain. I took a shower the next day and the water backed up again and was not going down at all. I used a shop vac to get the water out of my tub and poured in about 2 cups of your product. I let it sit for 12 hours and flushed it with hot water. The water was going down finally! I figured I would use the other half of your bottle just to be safe before I went to bed.

Now the tub drains better than it has in years! You wonderful product has saved me time and money and I can’t thank you enough. After the holidays, I am going to run out and buy some of your main line cleaner to make sure everything is flowing great. Thanks again and I hope everyone at your company has a wonderful holiday season.
-Chris A.

To Whom It May Concern: I just wanted to compliment your company on a very fine product in the Hair and Grease Drain Opener. We moved into a home and had a very stubborn drain issue on a shower/tub. After a 15 minute shower, it would take about 30 minutes for it to drain. We tried snaking it and we tried four competitor’s products, but the issue didn’t improve. After the first application of the Hair and Grease Drain Opener, the drain cleared completely and has continued draining normally for the six months since. Thank you for manufacturing and making available a quality product.
-Lana F.

I have never written in praise of a product to a company before but after using your Toilet Bowl Restorer, I couldn’t wait to contact you and let your company know how satisfied I was with this product! Rarely does a product work as well as advertised, yours does! I was shocked to discove a new looking toilet bowl after using your product!
Thank you, for once I feel like I got my money’s worth and then some!

-Kimmy B.

“I have used all brands of drain opener in the market and this one, Dissolves Hair & Grease Drain Opener, is on top of every brand! Never had any drain opener this good.”

-Ida P.

“To Whom it may concern –

I do not normally do this but in this case I have no choice but to comment on your product –
‘Main Line Cleaner’.

My problem WAS: Water would back up into my kitchen sink when the washing machine emptied it’s load of
water – after washing and after rinsing.

Solution #1: I purchased several Drano products and used as directed. No noticeable results.
However, I am sure that Drano is a good product – it just didn’t do what I needed it to do.

Solution #2: I purchased the same products sold as Liquid Plumber – same results and again, I am
sure that Liquid Plumber is a good product – it just did not solve my problem.

Solution #3: The ‘for sure solution’ – I called my Plumber. He came to the house; did a rotor rooter
job; took $150 and left within an hour of his arrival. Finally – problem solved – OR WAS IT?
Within two weeks my slow running drain was back and just as bad as before.

After these three methods did not solve my problem, I gave up and decide that I must have a major problem so I would live with it as long as I could.

Then, recently, while walking through WalMart I discovered . . . .

The ‘REAL FOR SURE SOLUTION’: . . . a white gallon jug labeled ‘Main Line Cleaner’. I told the wife, ‘I’m gonna give this one a try . . . can’t hurt anything’. So, I purchased the jug of Main Line Cleaner. That night before I went to bed, I ran hot water from the faucet into the sink for about a minute, then, I poured half the bottle of Main Line Cleaner into the sink drain and told the family ‘do not use until morning’. Next morning around 7 a.m. I ran hot faucet water into the sink for about one minute then poured the remaining half bottle of Main Line Cleaner into the sink drain. This application I left for approximately two hours then flushed with hot faucet water. It has been more than two weeks and the water from the washing machine does not back up into my sink anymore.

Thank you so much!!! It is so refreshing to purchase a product that does what it says it will do. Oh by the way – the statement on the bottle says ‘satisfaction guaranteed’. That was good enough to get me to try it.”

Again, THANKS!

A Very Satisfied Customer –

PS: I purchased a ‘back up’ bottle but have not had to use it.

-Charles L,
Oxford, MS

“I have been washing my dishes in a plastic tub and dumping the dishwater down the toilet for the last 3 weeks. Why? Because Drano couldn’t handle the clog in my kitchen, and I didn’t have the money for a licensed plumber. I bought a gallon of Main Line Cleaner and the problem went away while I was sleeping. Woo-hoo!!”

– Bob S.

“I was skeptical about this product being able to clear my tough dog hair clog in my tub. I tried everything and could not break through but I saw the Guaranteed to work, so I thought why not? This morning the clog is gone, I am so impressed, and will recommend this to everyone. Thanks for saving me a plumber’s bill, you guys rock.”

– Vicky O.

“I just wanted to take the time to tell you that your product, Heavy Duty Drain Opener, is fantastic. It fixed a clog on a lateral line, and did it fast. It is nice to use a product that actually does what it says.”

-Ray B.

“Well I thought I would be sending my receipt for a refund. However, yours is the first product that has worked for us since moving to this home 2 years ago. The “brand name” openers can’t match your product.”

-Brad C.

“I have had trouble with my bathroom sink since moving in 2 ½ years ago. I went to the store and bought Instant Power Hair Clog Remover. It worked GREAT! I have tried other drain cleaners before and this is by far the BEST I’ve ever tried.”

-Sylvia M.

“I picked up a bottle of your hair clog remover a long while ago and have since ran out. It worked wonderfully, and I have been unable to find it . I have tried numerous other brands and none of which have worked half as good as yours. Please any information as to where I can find it (any specific stores that carry your product) would be greatly appreciated!”
A very satisfied customer!

-Maurice P.

“I think your Instant Power Hair & Grease Drain Opener is fabulous!!!!
I was introduced to it several years ago and it has worked well every time.
Just had to tell you.”

-Helen E.

“Instant Power Hair Clog Remover clears all hair clogged drains from years of build-up. Last night I purchased Drano. I went home followed the directions and nothing. I remembered seeing your product… I also noticed the Guarantee or your money back. I thought wow this stuff must work. So I went home followed the instructions. What happen next was amazing. The water went down like normal. I just wanted to say thank you.”
Very pleased costumer,

-Diego F.