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Redefining Eco-Drain Solutions with a New Green Line

Sustainable cleaning products for businesses that don’t want to sacrifice quality or performance for in order to be eco-friendly.

Green sustainable cleaning products that are eco friendly from Instant Power Professional

Powerfully Clean. Gentle and Green. Our Green Line.

Instant Power® Professional now offers you drain and septic solutions that are as effective as they are environmentally responsible. This powerful new green line proves that sustainable cleaning products don’t have to sacrifice performance to be eco-friendly. Like all our commercial grade drain openers, our green line uses only the highest quality, naturally derived biological ingredients to get the job done.

Our sustainability promise is this: Total commitment to you and our planet to provide sustainable cleaning products and solutions when and wherever possible. Proof we can all protect the planet while still eliminating life’s big clogs.

Green sustainable cleaning products, (drain cleaners, sewer cleaners and more) that are eco friendly from Instant Power Professional

Earth-Friendly Benefits

Supercharged Microbial Blends + Targeted Liquefying Enzymes

Commercial Cleaning Supplies with a Secret Ingredient

green cleaning products from Instant Power Professional

You want more than heavy-duty commercial cleaning supplies. You want heavy-duty cleaning insights, and that’s exactly what you get from Instant Power® Professional products. Our PROxpert team is always ready to advise and troubleshoot your biggest clog or backup. Get our pros working for you. After all, they’re our secret ingredient.

Earth-Friendly Certifications

NSF logo

NSF certification is your assurance that each Instant Power® Professional Green Line product has been reviewed, tested, and certified by an independent team of experts to be both effective and environmentally responsible.

instant Power Professional drain and sewer cleaners are Green Seal certified products

Green Seal certification ensures that every product in the Instant Power® Professional Green Line meets rigorous performance, health, and environmental criteria set by this third-party team of scientists and analysts.

green cleaning products from Instant Power Professional

The ECO That Works! seal is your confidence that every product in the Instant Power® Professional Green Line has been lab tested and clinically reviewed to assure eco-friendliness and efficacy.

Bio-Enzymatic Commercial Drain Maintainer

What our Customers Say

– Mark B.

“About every year or two we would have a backup in our main line and had tried various chemical treatments, but none of them had worked. My brother is a plumber and would have to snake the almost 100 ft … Now I don’t have to call little brother the plumber except to tell him this product works!!!!!!!!”

– Rose K.

“I am writing to THANK YOU for creating a product that WORKS! I cannot begin to tell you the amount of money I have wasted on other brands. Keep up the great work!

A very satisfied first-time user and now customer.”

Our Distributors

You can find Instant Power® Professional products at the following suppliers.

Instant Pro Professional at Grainger
Instant Power Professional at HD Supply
Instant Power Professional at Smart & Final
Instant Power Professional on Amazon
Instant Power Professional at Lowe's
Instant Power Professional at Montana Broom and Brush Supply
Instant Power Professional at Don Aslett's
Instant Power Professional at Guest Supply

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